To22, active from 2000 to 2008 was a highly influential conceptual design team founded by Efe Buluc, Mark Goetz and Todd Bracher. To22 was the first design team that suggested the power of imperfection in design, depicting movement in stationary objects by introducing film making to the design process and approaching design as discovery rather than self expressionism. To22 earned global acclaim through lectures and exhibitions as well as publications by the world press. Many concepts set forth by the group are still relevant today and continue to inspire both the public and designers alike.  
A product which functions in 4 dimensions, capturing the flight of a moth attracted to a flame. Moths fly in circular patterns and when you record this flight as it happens without any artistic interpretation...The moth designs the product, not we. The product has no IS the function.

Second skin is a multi function bowl that is designed by placing various fruits in a plastic bag.The form that the plastic bag takes is scanned and materialized, the fruit is removed and the result is the second skin bowl in porcelain.

22 ways to sit, a furniture piece which depicts 22 sitting positions from laying down completely to having your back 90 degrees straight. This object not only is a strong visual statement about furniture as art but also an example of how to depict movement through an object, futurism philosophy meets industrial design. 22 ways to sit was exhibited in the main lobby of international contemporary furniture fair in new york in 2003 and received great publicity.
Universe ring, reveals a microscopic rendition of our known universe devised by stephen hawking. looking at the universe through a microscope and wearing it on your finger to remind you how insignificant yet precious you are.
Everyone has coat hangers at home, if you have alot of them, you can have this!
un-brella is an umbrella that doesnt just defend you from rain but gathers rain water in its you can experience rain water rather than reject it. the un-brella comes home and finds new life as a vase.
Olive fits in the middle gap and keeps the martini inside the funnel shaped glass. making the olive the most important functional element. unlike ordinary martini's...where the olive is the least essential part.

Conception chair starts its life as a sketch and remains a sketch.
The original sketch is rendered in three dimensions and cut from steel by water jet. This product magnifies the importance of the first ever sketch a designer does during their design process. To22 eliminated the rest of the development process and presented the final form of the chair as it was first conceived.

This design deconstructs and re-constructs and blends nature with man made ideology.
how do you discover shapes rather than creating them from knowledge or imagination? let it happen, such as gravity in this case.